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The Burma Spice Story

Burma Spice was founded by Ed and Sam, two home chefs who love to cook exotic food.  They’re both fanatical about having the freshest tasting ingredients for their creations.   For example, when Ed makes Tom Kha Gai Thai coconut soup, he shreds coconut by hand to make the coconut milk instead of using canned coconut milk.   He grows his own lemongrass and kaffir lime trees to have those ingredients available fresh for the kitchen.

Sam would always have relatives send him fresh spices from the small farms and markets in his native India instead of buying spices at the supermarket.   The difference in flavor is profound.

Ed and Sam would swap ingredients and sometimes cook large meals for entertainment.   Friends loved the food and wanted to cook for themselves.   The friends asked Ed and Sam for the “secret ingredients” Sam and Ed used.   Before long, Sam was having more and more spices sent from India, and Ed started working with local farms for supplies.

Over time, this flow of spices turned into a little side business, and Burma Spice was born.   Ed and Sam started selling on Amazon with the spices receiving glowing reviews.   Fast forward a few years, the initial set of spices grew into a complete line tailored to all kinds of exotic dishes and the business grew large enough for Ed and Sam to run Burma Spice full time.   The pair set up Burma Spice’s facility in the agricultural heartland of South Florida with access to small farms located in a climate where many of the spices can be grown.

This history and heritage make Burma Spice a truly unique purveyor of gourmet exotic spices.  Take Burma Spice’s dried curry leaves for example.   They are grown on a five-acre family-owned farm in Loxahatchee Florida.  The owner harvests the leaves weekly and brings them over to Burma Spice, where the leaves are washed, dried at low temperature, and hand-packaged.   The leaves go from the tree to the table in as little as nine days.  The leaves are whole, vibrant green, fragrant and delicious.    Competitors selling mass-produced leaves have older product that is often shattered, dull grey-green and with less flavor.

Meticulous sourcing has made Burma Spice the curator of an amazing collection of spices.  Sourcing the best spices on earth remains the central focus of Ed and Sam’s efforts.