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If you are planning a dinner party and one – or more – of your guests is vegan, this 10 vegan Appetizers or Hors D’oeuvre recipes will be your lifesaver. In this entry, you will find our top 10 vegan recipes. So hey! Don’t freak out, these recipes are easy to make and healthy as well, and eventually, the rest of your guests will want a bite too.

First things first, what does hors d’oeuvre mean? An hors d’oevure it’s an appetizer or a small dish served before a meal, it can be served cold or hot and it is ideal for dinner parties.

Vegan Summer Rolls

Known as rice paper rolls, these rolls are delicious, colorful, and healthy! To make them you will need rice paper, noodles, and your favorite vegetables or fruits. If you are a trendy person, probably you should know that this year the trend is monochromatic colors; so, if you want to give more color to your noodles, you could do it with turmeric or saffron.  This recipe will take you 30 min. We invite you to use this dipping sauce as a perfect complement to these rolls.

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Spicy Popcorn Broccoli

This baked broccoli is crunchy and the perfect way to replace popcorn chicken. With less than 40 min of cooking, your guests will be amazed. The preparation is the same as if it were chicken, the only difference (of course) is the broccoli. For an extra touch add garlic powder, everything but the bagel seasoning, and create a hot sauce using cayenne pepper.  You will find the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.

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Sweet Potato Recipe Burma Spice

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are the most versatile ingredient that you could find, and they are different ways to make them, but the easiest is the mashed version. For a creamiest mashed sweet potato, you have to remove the peels, boil the chunks, and then use a food processor. Add coconut milk and vegan margarine for a better texture.  Before serving, sprinkle some parsley and prepare to enjoy with different toppings.

Vegan Tofu BBQ Recipe

Small Spicy BBQ “Ribs”

Summer is characterized by amazing BBQ’s parties and these little BBQ ribs made with tofu are going to be phenomenal. With brown sugar, honey or maple syrups and sriracha, meat eaters will ask for more. To prepare this delicious ribs you need to rub and bake the tofu, then slather on your BBQ sauce and finally put the “ribs” on the grill. This recipe is going to be a hit!

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Crispy Avocado Recipe

Crispy Avocado

Recently we wrote a new recipe with avocados… an avocado smoothie and in this opportunity we decided to make a crispy and crunchy but at the same time smooth and yummy recipe. Mix almond flour, paprika, garlic powder, ground pepper, salt, soymilk, yeast, and avocados to create this magic and healthy appetizer. Burma Spice Tip: Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and the soy milk with the yeast in another, then coat each avocado slices in the milk, dip it in the yeast and finally sprinkle over the spice mix. Place the slices on the baking tray for 20 min and voilá! Probably you will end up addicted to this recipe.

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Herb Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Herb Stuffed Mushrooms

The herb stuffed mushrooms are the perfect appetizer for a dinner party besides they are really easy and “cheesy” to make. You only need to preheat the oven, with a teaspoon remove the stems of the mushrooms, chop sun-dried tomatoes and mix them with our peppermint leaves, herbes de provence, nutritional yeast and oil; then with the teaspoon gently put the mix inside the mushroom and bake for 20 min at 375F.

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We love this addictively yummy and super easy to make recipe because it’s vegan and gluten-free and incredibly delicious. Here you will find our secret falafel recipe.

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Vegan Cheese

This cheese with crackers…. There are no words to describe how tasty this is. You will need raw cashews, water, nutritional yeast, garlic, sea salt, black pepper, basil, oregano, and thyme. Blend the ingredients, shape it, and refrigerate overnight. Before serving, garnish the cheese with sea salt, black pepper, and fresh herbs. If you want the appearance of “real” cheese, you could add a pinch of turmeric for a deep yellow color. There is a good chance that your guest will prefer this cheese over any other.

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Get Middle Eastern cuisine recipe for classic Levantine hummus from Burma Spice.


Hummus it’s a protein-rich, vegan/dairy-free option and really easy to make. In less than 20 minutes you will have an incredible appetizer that your guests and family will love. 

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Get Middle Eastern cuisine recipe for roasted carrots using dukkah spice mix.

Roasted Carrots with Dukkah

Roasted carrots with dukkah is a wonderful variation on roasted veggiesDukkah is an aromatic and hearty spice and nut mix that Egyptians consider a side dish all on its own. Traditionally eaten with raw vegetables like tomatoes (yum!), or with flatbread, dukkah is an accompaniment so versatile, it can be used over the top of meats, sprinkled over salads, or used spooned over the tops of cooked veggies, like these tasty roasted carrots with just a bit of lemon tang added for zest and sweetness.

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