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New decade, new recipes, better challenges. This new entry is more than personal; it is about me. Each year I set some personal goals, you know, like having a happier life, eating better, workout 3 or 4 times per week, etc., If you have those resolutions written down somewhere, you are one of our kind. 

But we are here to talk about our mutual goal: to eat better! As you can see if there is one thing you should not worry about are spices! Here at Burma Spice, you will find gourmet spices from all over the world, with no additives or preservatives, 100% pure. So being really honest with you, this new decade is time to take out that old note pad and pen and take some notes about how these 7 spices will improve your health and help you achieve those eating goals.

If you want our eBook with our healthiest recipes, please email us.

For those who don’t know, this weekend is the Chinese New Year. So, we’ve had two new moments in our lives and the chance to get off to a fresh start. Eating healthy is not synonymous with dull or discussing; healthy eating can be rich and nutritious, and with gourmet spices, everything turns out to be tasteful, delicious, pleasant for the palate, and colorful. And yes, take your hands off those fries you’re about to eat and don’t let the temptations win. 

1. Chiles

There are many varieties of chiles in the world, and we are proud to say that we have a fantastic range of them here. Chili peppers come in different shapes, flavors, and colors; some are more spicy than others; still, all contribute something to our lives. 

For example, if we want to add heat to our Egyptian Stuffed Pita we could add Thai Chili or Cayenne, but if we want just a slight touch, then Morita Chipotle represents a good option. Likewise, no matter what chile you use, most will give you vitamin C, A, and B. 

Now that we are talking about spiciness, do you know why chile peppers are spicy, and why do we love to hurt ourselves spicy food? No? Well, find the answer here.

2. Turmeric

A couple of months ago, we talked about Turmeric, and we came to the conclusion that the Golden Root was a good nickname for this fantastic spice; and at Burma Spice, we can’t get enough of this thing cause Turmeric is a spice that you can add to any dish and if you want to challenge your culinary skills then cocktails with Turmeric is a great place to start! Now, make some room for Burma Spice turmeric and enjoy these health benefits that turmeric provides. Besides bringing color and flavor to any dish, Turmeric might be useful in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease, slowing the aging process, and has incredible benefits against depression. Find more here.

3. Cinnamon

Oh, cinnamon, just thinking about how it smells, and tastes is just like… I can not imagine a life without vanilla or cinnamon, but this time, this short spotlight is only for our prized cinnamons, a highly delicious spice. From Ceylon cinnamon to cassia, all kinds of cinnamons turn to be good for you, and with these recipes, you will take advantage of its incredible health benefits. Let’s start, are you ready to take notes? 

Cinnamon is full of antioxidants, and those are good for you! At the same time, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties, combat acne, and as well as Amla, speed up hair growth. As you can see, cinnamon seems to be the perfect spice; however, too much sometimes isn’t that good, so moderation is the key. 

4. Amla

In these times of winter and cold, we all need a good fill of vitamins, so let me introduce you to our champion Amla. With a sour, tangy, and a little bittersweet taste, Amla or Indian Gooseberry has been used as an anti-aging nutritional supplement, and the reason is simple: Amla turns to be an excellent source of vitamin C.

So yes, the benefits of Amla are immense. – Told ya – From hair health to hormone regulation, memory, and mental agility to anti-cancer potency, Amla is a champ. Hence Amla may protect you from colds and coughs, helps in hair growth, tackling hair fall, and fortifying the root as well as the nails. Definitely, in this case, bitter is better.  

Burma Spice tip: taking one teaspoon of Amla soaked it in water and a little palm sugar before meals are the traditional way to consume this superfood. But it may also be blended in smoothies.

5. Cardamom

I love how the “r” resonates in my tongue… cardamom or cardamomo. Just naming it gives me tingling in my tongue, and immediately recipes like Lemon and Cardamom cake and Ethiopian Beef Tibs come to mind. Cardamom, after reading this paragraph, you will want to buy some right away. 

But before this, let’s make something clear: green cardamom is used to flavor sweet dishes, and black cardamom is excellent for long-simmering and slow-cooked stews. Okay now hands on the benefits: Cardamom may decrease blood pressure, fight cancer, treat infections, improve digestion, and help with dental problems. I don’t know, but after reading this, I am going to start baking a lot with cardamoms. Discover a different type of cardamom used in Thai cuisine here.

6. Juniper Berries

When I think of and taste the juniper berries, it immediately evokes memories of those summer days. Maybe it’s because during the summer in Burma Spice we make cocktails to die for, I don’t know, but we love juniper berries and all their benefits, for example, did you know that they have a high concentration of vitamin C? Or, despite their small size, they may help overcome fatigue and depression as well as promote and improve blood circulation? Or, that Junipers are not berries, in fact they are cones? Stunning, isn’t it?

And between you and me, and it’s not for smug, but most of our customers agree that our junipers are champs! Our customer reviews

7. Wellness Line

We love to think one step ahead, that’s why we create something that no other brand has: a product line that harnesses the power of nature to promote your health as nature intended! We have created a recipe that is tasty and good for you and your family.

But hey, hey, we have something that will help you with those top 10 resolutions of the year, a peaceful tea inspired by principals of Ayurvedic medicine, and a tea that will give you energy with none of the jitters, that’s right the Perky tea!

I’ve already given you a “taste” of the benefits of spices and some healthy recipes to achieve those resolutions, and do not worry, you are not alone on this, we will be with you throughout the year with the best spices and herbs available on the market. And once again, happy fresh start!

Eating with a New Purpose in 2020
Article Name
Eating with a New Purpose in 2020
This new decade is time to take out that old note pad and pen and take some notes about how these 7 spices will improve your health and help you achieve those eating goals.
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Burma Spice

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