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It’s not a secret that we love to share with you recipes from all over the world featuring our gourmet spices. We strongly believe in the power of flavors. These can transport you to anywhere in the world in just one bite. It can be your childhood home, your grandma’s kitchen, or that exotic country you visited once and loved the experience. You can relive that amazing memory again through the magic of good food

So let’s start this culinary journey traveling through Africa and South Asia. These regions are known for their rich flavor culture. Their flavor range goes from the mildest like Vanilla, through sour and tart flavors, to the hottest and most powerful chilis. We’ve ranked YOUR favorites and our favorites in a compilation that will blow your mind. 

1. Ethiopian Beef Tibs (Ethiopia, East Africa)

Get Middle Eastern cuisine recipe for Ethiopian beef tibs.

This tasty Ethiopian dish made with meaty chunks of beef (although you could also use lamb or chicken with this recipe), is spiced and ready to impress. We use authentic berbere spice, a distinctive Ethiopian mix that adds a defining quality to the cuisine, and niter kebbeh, a flavor-rich spiced butter that adds complex layers of spicy yumminess to the beef.

We think you’ll be addicted by the first bite.

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2. Kitfo (Ethiopia, East Africa)

Ethiopian kitfo Easy recipe

Kitfo is a wonderfully spicy Ethiopian steak tartare that will melt in your mouth. This is an incredibly simple and easy recipe to make, so you may be surprised by the complex flavors that hit your tongue. Starting with the highest quality beef you can find, then mixing with niter kibbeh (spiced butter) and a hearty berbere spice mixture, you’re creating delicious layers of flavor that unfold slowly in your mouth.

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3. Hawawshi (Egypt, North Africa)

Get Middle Eastern cuisine recipe for Egyptian hawawshi.

Hawawshi is a very popular food served in Egyptian homes, restaurants, and by food vendors filling the streets with the savory scents of freshly cooked snacks. This tasty filling is traditionally made with minced meat, tomato, bell pepper and a mix of hearty spices, and then stuffed inside a pita-like Egyptian flat bread called baladi.

We use pita in this recipe because Baladi may not be available and can be a bit tricky to make at home. Try serving with a side of tahini sauce and hummus for a truly heavenly mouth treat.

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4. Tarkari (Nepal, South Asia)

Get South Asian cuisine Nepalese recipe for tarkari curry dish.

Tarkari is a traditional Nepali curry, commonly served alongside dal bhat, a lentils and rice dish eaten daily by some Nepalese families. Like many South Asian recipes, this one is rich in spices—both savory and a little bit of sweet. Our recipe is made with cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes—and includes the option of peas—however, you can substitute any of your favorite vegetables. And if you leave out the ghee, this is a tasty vegan dish you can share with anyone!

Because Dal Bhat Tarkari is such a common staple in Nepal, we also pulled together a great Dal Bhat recipe that you can follow.

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5. Sel Roti (Nepal, South Asia)

Get South Asian cuisine recipe for Nepalese sacred sweet bread (sel roti) from Burma Spice.

Sel Roti is a Nepalese fried bread unlike any other bread around the world. Nepal’s sacred bread, Sel Roti is a very special food prepared for the deities in rituals, and is an essential part of any Nepali cultural celebration or special ceremony.

The recipe is very simple and easy to make. Some recipes, like ours, call for banana. Others include grated coconut. Perhaps we’ll try that next time. Sel Roti can be eaten alone as a confectionery snack, served with hot tea, or included as a nibble treat alongside other dishes. This bread is gluten-free and you can also make it vegan by subbing coconut oil for the ghee and water (or coconut milk) for the milk. Try it and let us know what you think!

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6. Chechebsa (Ethiopia, East Africa)

Get Middle Eastern cuisine recipe for Ethiopian chechebsa.

Chechebsa is Ethiopia’s tasty version of fried bread. A popular Ethiopian breakfast, the bread is first cooked like a pancake, then torn into bite sized pieces and fried in niter kibbeh (Ethiopian spiced butter). You can eat chechebsa just as it is, mix it with veggies or meat or serve along side your main meal. Optionally, you can make your chechebsa into a sweet treat by coating in cinnamon sugar or honey. With so many ways to enjoy your Ethiopian fried bread, we hope you’ll tell us your favorite way to eat chechebsa.

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7. Shan Noodles or Khat Sew (Burma, Southeast Asia)

Get Southeast Asian cuisine recipe for Burmese Shan noodles from Burma Spice.

Shan noodles are a very popular Burmese dish and it’s no wonder. This dish is decidedly simple to make, yet so full of flavor! Plus, who doesn’t love slurping fat noodles into their mouth? Originating in Shan, the eastern state of Myanmar (which borders Laos, China and Thailand), this dish varies in recipes almost as much as Latin American empanadas do. For our recipe, we’ve combined tender chicken with juicy tomatoes, stir-fried onions, and aromatic spices and herbs—all topped with rich peanut bits.

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8. Chicken Biryani (India)

Get South Asian cuisine Indian recipe for chicken biryani and spiced saffron rice.

There are a variety of methods for making chicken biryani, the famously delicious chicken and rice dish originating from India. There’s the lovingly followed tradition of roasting aromatic biryani masala spices, frying the onions and preparing the rice in two separate batches before layering everything together in a pot for an hour-long steam session. Then there’s the throw everything in a pot together and mix it all up quick and easy but not quite the chicken biryani experience recipe.

Our chicken biryani recipe follows much closer to the traditional method, keeping the crucial spice-opening and onion caramelizing steps that will infuse your tender chicken and perfectly cooked rice with so much flavor you’ll think you stepped into an authentic Indian restaurant.

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9. Mee – Krob (Thailand, Southeast Asia)

Get Southeast Asian cuisine Thai recipe for mee krob crispy rice noodles with tofu, kaffir lime, Thai chilies and veggies.

Mee Krob is a wild and beautiful mix of textures and spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavors. For this Thai recipe, we start with crispy fried, super fine rice noodles. Then we deep-fry tofu chunks, bridging the gap between crunchy and soft with a crispy fried outside and a soft, silken inside. Next, we add finely chopped pork and shrimp to a tangy, sweet and spicy sauce, toss everything together and serve with fresh veggies. What’s not to love?

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10. Potato Samosas (Burma, Southeast Asia)

Get Southeast Asian cuisine recipe for Burmese potato samosas from Burma Spice.

These yummy little potato stuffed samosas are the Burmese take on a savory filled pastry. A popular offering of street food vendors in Yangon, Burmese potato samosas are tasty little treats that make a delightful appetizer (or appetite spoiler, depending on how much restraint you practice). You can serve with chutney or your favorite dipping sauce. This is a sharing food, so bring to parties, potlucks and get-togethers. You’ll be thoroughly appreciated and forever after tasked with making “those spicy little pastry wedges.”

  Valeria Castro

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