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We are inspired by principals of Ayurvedic medicine and the benefits of promoting wellness instead of treating disease.

Our ancient civilizations flourished for millennia by eating a broad spectrum of healthy natural foods. Though they lacked our modern medicine, they had lower incidences of hypertension, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and other diseases.

Many of these problems are attributable to the increasing prevalence of chronic inflammation caused by a poor diet of factory-foods and other lifestyle choices. It is common now to take supplement tablets and vitamin pills to make up for a poor diet. But there is increasing scientific evidence that consuming these harsh chemical substitutes for natural food may promote illness instead of preventing it (1).

Our family doctors have been giving us the right advice all along.  Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise.  It’s a message we’ve heard so often that we’ve nearly become deaf to it.

Burma Spice Wellness curries and teas are crafted to bring back our balance with nature.  We firmly believe in the idea that 100% of our bodies’ needs should come from the foods we eat instead of pills and tablets. 

Our curries and teas are curated to add back into our modern diet, the missing natural healthy food ingredients that support our wellness. These blends work together, forming a potent combination that dramatically increases your body’s ability to absorb the beneficial natural substances contained in the ingredients.

We’ve found that there is no need to compromise our hunger for delicious foods and tempting flavors in order to eat well.  On the contrary, adding back a healthy mix of herbs and spices makes for a wonderful way to enjoy healthy living.

Burma Spice Wellness curries make it quick and easy to whip up a delicious and healthful meal in minutes.  Teas make for a superior choice to sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners.

Burma Spice Wellness curries are chock-full of turmeric, one of the most powerful superfoods.  They can also be customized with your personal touch to make the dishes truly your own creation.  For instance, adding crushed tomatoes or coconut milk will make for a lively change in flavor profile for the finished dish.

All Burma Spice Wellness curries and teas are 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. They are also 100% free from added salt and sugar. Eating well and eating for wellness can be one and the same.

  • Burma Spice Wellness Curry, Body

    We took a delicious traditional northern Indian curry and carefully tuned the recipe to have a perfect balance and mix of 18 healthful herbs and spices.These natural ingredients support a diet rich in foods known to promote a healthy inflammation response. The flavor profile is just a bit peppery without being too spicy and has a subtle citrus undertone.

  • Burma Spice Wellness Curry, Mind

    This curry is mild and has a slight sweetness that comes naturally from cinnamon. We crafted this recipe from a curry popular in Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia. The herbs and spices selected for this curry contain natural substances that support healthy brain function and may enhance the body’s ability to inhibit the buildup of harmful plaques in the brain.

  • Burma Spice Wellness Curry, Defense

    Warming and slightly spicy, this curry will be a familiar favorite for anyone who has spent some time in the river delta region surrounding Yangon Burma (Myanmar).  It pairs equally well with seafood and land food.

    This curry is full of spices that contain natural substances traditionally used to boost immune system function, support healthy histamine response, and boost allergen resistance.

  • Burma Spice Wellness Tea, Peaceful

    This soothing cinnamon tea contains wild lettuce, ginger, and other natural ingredients that have been used throughout history to be soothing and support a healthy and well functioning gastrointestinal tract.

  • Burma Spice Wellness Tea, Perky

    A bright lemony flavor is the high note to this tea and is accompanied by a subtle herbal undertone that lingers.  Two South American favorites, Argentine yerba mate, and Brazilian guaraná to cheer up your morning mood.

All Burma Spice products are available at www.burmaspice.com

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.