Apple Pie Spice

This could be the coziest flavor in the world. Curl up next to this delicious blend of Korintje Cinnamon, Cassia Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Mace, and Cloves. The perfect combination of the best fall baking flavors; pungent, warm, and sweet aromatic and flavorful blend that you can use in much more than just apple pie.

Gourmet Apple Pie spice | Burma Spice
Apple Pie Spice
Apple Pie Spice | Burma Spice | Free Shipping
Apple Pie Spice | Burma Spice | Free Shipping
Apple Pie Spice | Burma Spice | Free Shipping


Apple Pie Spice

Apple Pie Spice Flavor Profile

Apple Pie
Delicious Apple Pie baked with Burma Spice Apple Pie Spice.

Our Apple Pie Spice is a little extra tangy as we use Cassia and Korintje cinnamon and extra aromatic cloves along with mace, and nutmeg. These flavors combine to deliver warmth and a delicate sweetness to your dishes.

Korintje Cinnamon tends to be slightly sweeter in taste compared to Ceylon cinnamon, while Cassia is a bit more delicate with a pleasantly woody aftertaste. Nutmeg delivers a woodsy and smoky flavor; Mace brings on the zest and cloves the punch and astringent flavor that ties all together.

Cooking with Apple Pie Spice

This spice blend fits perfectly with… you guessed it, Apple Pie! But besides being the perfect companion for apples, this spice blend fits like a glove in any kind of sweet and warm dish like oatmeal, French toast, or sweet potatoes. Here are other sweet and savory uses to this delicious mix:

  • Mix it with whipped cream: a bit of whipped cream never hurt anyone, it can turn a dessert around and make it the best ever. Sprinkle a dash of Apple Pie Spice and put your self-control to test.
  • Mix it with maple syrup: mix half of a teaspoon with maple syrup and warm it in the microwave before bathing your pancakes, waffles or French toast with it. The syrup infused with Apple Pie Spice blend will taste heavenly.
  • Braised Ribs: Simmer beef ribs with onions, carrots, red wine, tomato paste, broth, and a touch Apple Pie Spice to add complexity and depth to the meat and vegetable flavors.

About our Apple Pie Spice

We travel the world to source the best spices available. All the ingredients that make this magical blend come different parts of the planet to provide you the strongest flavors and aroma. Our cinnamons: Korintje and Cassia are sourced in Sumatra and China, respectively; mace and nutmeg are two parts of the same fruit from the same tree, the nutmeg tree, they come from Southeast Asia. Our fragrant cloves come directly from Madagascar.

Maple Syrup infused with Apple Pie Spice | Burma Spice
Maple Syrup infused with Apple Pie Spice | Burma Spice

We grind all the ingredients in small batches in house. The powdered components are packaged the day they are ground to preserve aroma and flavor and prevent loss of essential oils.

We carefully add a specific ratio of ingredients to make sure you are not receiving an excessively sweet, spicy, or overall unbalanced mixture.

Why Burma Spice?

All the ingredients included in Apple Pie Spice are gourmet quality and 100% pure. We never add fillings to any of our products and have perfected all our processes – from gathering to packaging – to guarantee that our spices taste exactly the way they are supposed to taste.

We work directly with the best growers all over the world to assure that we are bringing to your table the freshest, most vibrant, and exotic spices. They are purchased directly from harvest and stored in climate-controlled conditions to ensure freshness and preserve their volatile organic oils. The intense flavor, color, and aroma attest to their freshness.

Choose between five different sizes: The 2 oz swing-top bottle makes a beautiful presentation in the kitchen while the 6 oz resealable rice paper bags pack a lot of spice into limited shelf space. The 38 oz and 72 oz jars are perfect for restaurant, food service use and work well in professional kitchens.  Contact us directly for bulk prices.


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