Asafoetida Powder

As traditional as you can get, this spice is called inguva in Telugu, and hīng in Hindi. Also known as ingu, perunkayam, hengu, hin. We simply call it essential.



Asafoetida Powder: Flavor Profile

If you can’t quite describe what makes Indian cuisine so remarkable, it might just be the provocative flavors of Asafoetida (also spelled asafetida). Found in the Umbelliferae family with other aromatic plants, it has a strong scent. This can be alarming if you are not ready! But we would argue that all the great spices are strong on the nose. If you can delay judgment, your reward is a rich embrace of umami taste that plays nicely with other spices.

As traditional as you can get, this spice is called inguva in Telugu, and hīng in Hindi. Also known as ingu, perunkayam, hengu, hin. We simply call it essential.


  • Our Asafoetida powder is delivered to your door in pristine condition (we never add preservatives to our spices). Each order is curated with discernment and hand-packed in our gourmet spice shop—Not a factory!
  • Raw Asafoetida (F. foetida) is a gummy resin harvested from perennial herbs. Found in the blazing deserts of Iran and remote mountains of Afghanistan, pure Asafoetida is not easy to find. We’re able to deliver a high-grade Asafoetida powder by blending the raw sap with wheat flour. It’s rich in flavor and simple to use. However, it is not gluten free.
  • If you’re allergic to alliums – onion, scallion, garlic, shallot, leek, and chives – or simply don’t have any on hand, our Asafoetida powder is a wonderful substitute.
  • Warning: It’s sometimes described as the smelliest spice. But don’t worry, the funky hints of sulfur fade while cooking. Leaving behind an enticing onion aroma, savory flavor, and pleasurable taste not possible from a meeker spice.
  • We’re only happy if you are! Your quality Asafoetida powder is protected by the Burma Spice customer satisfaction guarantee (or your money back).


Cooking with Asafoetida Powder

Want the comforting flavors of garlic and onion in your next curry but with a smooth and silky texture? Reach for the Asafoetida powder! Saute a pinch in hot oil directly on your pan to let it mellow out. As the smell goes from funky to phenomenal, you’ll know that things are getting good. Our Asafoetida Powder could very well become the #1 secret ingredient you never knew you were missing. We think it goes great in the following:

Anything Indian: Garlic-esque and onion-like, the buttery notes of our Asafoetida spice (pronounced Hinga in Marathi) will kick up the authenticity of your Indian cooking. It’s right at home when blended with chili powder and cumin. And will do marvelous things for an okra curry or creamy paneer dish.

Vegetarian dishes: Revolutionize your everyday lentils with a dash of Asafoetida hing powder. Paired with a little turmeric or coriander? Whether you’re making daal, a veggie curry, or stir fry, this spice can replace (or build upon) the inclusion of onions and garlic.

Iranian Food: Yes, Hing Asafoetida keeps its promise when delivering the deliciousness of Iranian cuisine. It’s also a great harmonizer. A pinch of Asafoetida powder blends the sweet, spicy, and umami flavors of Iranian cuisine masterfully. Try it in a batch of Persian meatballs.

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