Bayberry Root Bark

Bayberry is a shrub that grows from Colorado to the US east coast.  Bayberry contains a fragrant wax used in candles.  It can be used in potpourri as well.   Some people use it as a folk medicine, taking it for colds, sore throat, and skin problems.

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Bayberry Root Bark (derived from the Myrica tree) has a strong fragrance. The name itself has its origins in the Greek word “myrike”.

The parts of the Myrica tree are used to make juice and alcohol (the fruit), candles (the wax), and has additional purposes (the bark).

Bayberry has its origins in the Canary Islands and Madeira, both volcanic islands. The plant is sturdy, and grows well in the volcanic ground. However, it has also spread throughout almost every part of the globe, minus Australia. As well, Bayberry was popularized in the famous novel The Swiss Family Robinson; the characters made candles from the derived oil.

Our Bayberry Bark is taken directly from the mountainous Boulder, Colorado, USA.



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