Medium Grind Black Pepper

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Medium Grind Black Pepper

Ground black pepper is one of the most versatile spices in every kitchen. A dash of pepper heightens the savory flavors of beef or tomato and adds a dash of heat to any soup, dressing, or salad. Bottom line, if there’s one spice homecooks can’t go without, it’s quality pepper.

Our medium ground black pepper is hand-ground in our spice shop. And we choose a fine mesh to filter out dust and create a uniform, medium-grain powder. Specifically, we use Malabar black pepper sourced from India. Prized for its mild spiciness, Malabar black pepper is an ideal all-purpose pepper with citrus, raisin and berry notes.

Cooking with Black Pepper

Black pepper is one of the most widely used spices in the world. And it has numerous uses in the kitchen. It adds depth of flavor to every dish, which is why it’s called for in nearly every recipe.

Medium ground black pepper is particularly useful. Its coarseness elevates the flavor, and really brings out the smoke and spice. And it pairs particularly well with robust foods that have their own flavors; for delicate foods pepper can be a little too overwhelming. In particular, black pepper pairs well with:

  • Cheese – Black pepper adds complex heat to recipes that call for cheese. Pepper is the ultimate complement for creamy sauces, salad dressings, and cheesy pastas.
  • Beef – Pepper draws out the savory flavors of steak and adds a bit of heat. It’s the perfect dry rub ingredient. 
  • Soups – A dash of pepper can elevate any stock. Just don’t go overboard. Ground pepper can overwhelm flavors if not used sparingly.

Black pepper also pairs well with a range of savory spices and herbs. In particular, garlic and rosemary are natural bedfellows with pepper, and cumin and paprika pair well for an added dash of spiciness.

Black Pepper: History and Cultivation

A native of South India, black pepper is one of the world’s oldest spices. The peppercorn – which is ground into pepper – is the fruit of the Piper nigrum plant, a climbing shrub that thrives in the humid heat of the Malabar region.

For centuries, Indians have cultivated and traded black pepper. It first arrived in Europe more than 2,500 years ago, and peppercorns where long a form of currency throughout southern India. Some speculate that its popularity throughout the world is in part due to King Louis XVI of France, who was said to prefer salt and pepper to spice his meals. Today, black pepper remains one of the most versatile all-purpose spices. And it’s found in nearly every world cuisine.

The plant is a perennial. And year after year, it produces the small berry. Pepper plants grow to about 16 feet in height, and traditional growers use bamboo poles to trellis the crawling vines. Each stem produces hundreds of green peppercorn berries. After harvest, the ripe peppercorns are cooked to reduce starches and then machine dried.

About Our Black Pepper

Burma Spice sources our black pepper from the hills of Kerala, India, a state in the country’s Malabar region. One of the most revered pepper growing regions in the world, Kerala has been known for its black pepper since the last centuries BCE.

Our black peppercorns arrive dried. And we hand-grind them in our spice shop in south Florida. We use a 30 mesh for our medium ground black pepper that offers a consistent, larger grain and is packed with a vibrant, peppery flavor.

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