Ground Cumin Seeds

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Ground Cumin Seeds | Burma Spice
Ground Cumin Seeds | Burma Spice
Ground Cumin Seeds | Burma Spice


Ground Cumin Seeds

You may have expected ground cumin and cumin seeds to taste exactly the same, but to spice lovers there is a noticeable difference. Once seeds undergo the grinding process, they often develop a stronger overall taste.

Cumin is one of the most popular spices on the planet, often used as a complement to black pepper.

How to Prepare Your Cumin

Ground Cumin

There are so many dishes that can be enhanced by cumin, we couldn’t possibly mention them all right here. From breakfast foods to scrumptious dinners, flavor-explosions are on the way.

Here are some of our favorite uses:

  • Avocado Toast: One of the biggest crazes of the past couple of years has just gotten even tastier. Sprinkling a touch of cumin on top of your avocado increases the liveliness of this breakfast treat. And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, try adding some chili flakes as well.
  • Boiled Eggs: Whether you’re prepping eggs with breakfast—to go with your avocado toast—or adding them to a lunch/dinner dish, sprinkling some cumin on them adds zest to the flavor palette.
  • Boiled or Roasted Potatoes: Adding cumin to your cooking oil is a smart way to go if you’re looking to quickly spread its flavoring across multiple food items. You can easily pour this oil over your boiled or roasted potatoes, giving them an extra burst of flavor. This might good for those parents who are trying to make their children enjoy eating potatoes more. I know it would work for me.

Where Do Ground Cumin Seeds Come From?

Originating in the Middle East and India thousands of years ago, archaeologists have excavated seeds in Syria that date as far back as the second millennium BC.

Like other spices from that era, cumin was utilized in the preservation process during mummification.

Ground Cumin in bowl

Cumin became a mainstay at ancient Greek dining tables. It sat there as a go-to additive for many dishes, much like containers of salt and pepper do today.

Over time, it was eventually introduced to the Americas by colonists from Spain and Portugal.

What Are the Health Benefits of Ground Cumin Seeds?

Ever have trouble with indigestion? Cumin might be the perfect remedy. It has been shown to speed up the digestion process while helping the liver digest certain healthy fats and nutrients.

Cumin also has antioxidants that promote heart health, and it can be used to combat diabetes. Studies reveal that a concentrated cumin supplement will help prevent diabetes and other diseases associated with overweight persons.

Where does Burma Spice Get Our Ground Cumin Seeds?

We source our cumin from India. We’ve found these to offer the best combination of spiciness and savoriness.

Fields in India

The Indian climate is dry, but not as overbearing as the Middle East. The added mild conditions help heighten the flavors in the cumin and provides a longer lasting taste, in our opinion.

For the highest quality product, it’s best that cumin is grown over a long, hot summer period of 3 to 4 months, with a touch of humidity felt along the way. The seeds are harvested by hand after about 120 days, before being ground.


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