Whole Cumin Seeds

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Burma Spice 1.5 ounce bottle gourmet whole cumin seeds.
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Whole Cumin Seeds

When left whole, cumin seeds can offer a uniquely bitter infusion of flavor to any dish. They are easier to navigate when cooking, since you don’t have to take out your spice grinder, and they can be quickly fried or toasted.

Cumin Seeds Coming out of Jar

Discover a new world of texture when digging into Burma Spice’s whole cumin seeds.

Recipes with Whole Cumin Seeds

You will want to treat whole cumin seeds a little differently from ground cumin, especially when it comes to cooking.

Middle East spices

The goal is to stimulate their volatile oils and keep the flavor localized to the seeds. One way is to toast cumin in a dry skillet before placing them in a bowl for cooking.

Here are a few dishes that truly excel with a little cumin accompaniment. Some you may not have considered…

  • Lamb & Noodles: This might not be the first meal that pops into your mind when you think of whole cumin seeds, but lamb next to a side of noodles makes for a fabulous option. Both dishes are very chewy, and the zest from the cumin will make each one go down with considerable ease.
  • Whole Grain Bread: Adding spices can turn your whole grain bread from mundane to amazing. Cumin can be added within your normal cooking process, at the same time as the other spices like coriander or fennel. It can be mixed with flaxseed meal and poured in water to get the ideal dough consistency.
  • Salmon with Citrus Sauce: Even though it’s pretty flavorful on its own, salmon can be further enhanced by an infusion of whole cumin seeds, along with fennel seeds, coriander seeds, and a hint of Japanese breadcrumbs. A citrus sauce can be served on the side, flavored with red pepper and ground cumin to go with the citrus.

Whole Cumin Seeds in the Mediterranean

Cumin’s ascension in popularity over the past few thousand years has certainly transcended its Mediterranean roots. Believed to have originated in modern-day southern Europe, cumin seeds were mainly used to give boosts to Indian rice dishes and Persian stews.

Colorful Spices

Of course, they remain used for these same purposes today, but they are now found in many types of foods all over the world.

Significance in Hindi Cuisine

In Hindi, cumin means ‘Jeera.’ It has always been treated as a vital component to Indian cooking, but for more than just its taste in curry powder.

Cumin is celebrated for its unique healing characteristics, in support of the digestive process and breakdown of nutrients. Plus it consists of vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Indeed, ‘Jeera’ is much more than a delicious accompaniment.

Where We Get Our Whole Cumin Seeds?

Through our years of experience in the spice industry, we’ve fallen in love with certain spices from specific regions of the world. Cumin is no different.

India has consistently delivered us the best product year in and year out, largely because of its subtropical climate. The fairly mild and dry year-round conditions help cultivate a spectacular spice we can be proud of.

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