Fenugreek Seeds

Delicious Fenugreek seeds are an important part to cooking authentic Indian dishes.   Fenugreek enjoys it’s reputation as a sought after spice in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. Fenugreek is more often found in curry powders and is a key ingredient in Vindaloo Curry,

Burma Spice Gourmet Fenugreek Seeds
Gourmet Fenugreek Seeds | Burma Spice
Gourmet Fenugreek Seeds | Burma Spice
Gourmet Fenugreek Seeds | Burma Spice
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Fenugreek Seeds Overview

Cultivated throughout much of southern Europe and western Asia, fenugreek seeds have ample uses both inside and outside of the kitchen.

They are recognized universally as a cure for numerous physical ailments and diseases, including upset stomachs, constipation, and even more serious conditions like diabetes.

For now, let’s explore some neat ways that you can incorporate organic fenugreek seeds into your everyday cooking.

Cooking with Fenugreek Seeds

Raw Fenugreek Seeds

  • Fenugreek Seeds with Potatoes: a traditional dish from the deserts of Rajasthan, fenugreek seeds make for a great seasoning atop potatoes. They can be unripened too. Just soak them in water overnight, mix in some turmeric, coriander powder, and salt, and voila! You have a zesty meal.
  • Indian Pumpkin: grab about 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, a dozen fenugreek seeds, a pinch of red chili powder, 1 tablespoon of jaggery, a half cup of water, and maybe a ½ tablespoon of coriander powder, and you’re on your way to an Indian delicacy. This recipe is definitely recommended for the vegetarians in your family.
  • Sandwiches: it’s simple enough to add fenugreek seeds to your sandwich, but very yummy as well. Sprouted seeds are most commonly used for that.

History of Fenugreek Seeds

These seeds have flourished in western Asian and Mediterranean locations for thousands of years. Modern-day Turkey, Syria, and Iran, are three of the most common locations to grow fenugreek today.

Spoonful of Fenugreek Seeds

Through carbon dating, scientists have found fenugreek strains from Iraq that go back as far as 4,000 BC.

One of the earliest known recipes came by way of Rome. Many 1st century Romans used fenugreek to flavor their wines at dinner. Cato the Elder listed it as a crop grown for the purpose of feeding cattle.

Fenugreek Seeds Health Benefits

You may have seen fenugreek housed in stores, used today as a dietary supplement—among other things. The health benefits of the seeds are hardly recent though, it’s been used as a key alternative medicine for thousands of years.

The Romans likely knew of its benefits and used it to help them boost testosterone levels, and today so can you.

One tablespoon of whole seeds contains about 3 grams of protein, plus 20% of your daily iron requirements.

It has also been proven to lower blood sugar levels (thus, fighting diabetes and improving heart health), and it can even help nourish breast milk.

Where Do Fenugreek Seeds Prosper?

Fenugreek thrives in a warm, dry climate. When it’s being planted for seeds, it performs best in the springtime. Otherwise, it should be grown from spring through autumn.

Because it doesn’t suffer from many diseases or pests, it requires just a regular organic pesticide application.

Where Do We Get Our Fenugreek Seeds?

Our seeds grow in Southern Italy, beneath the classic cities of Naples and Pompeii. The fertile lands along the Mediterranean Sea create an ideal environment to cultivate our seeds. Seeds are able to flourish for most of the year, and are delivered to us in peak condition.

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