Garlic Herb Seasoning

Our very delicious garlic herb seasoning is unique and unexpected, a great addition to any type of dish. Don’t miss out, try it now!

Gourmet Garlic Herb Seasoning | Burma Spice
Gourmet Garlic Herb Seasoning | Burma Spice
Gourmet Garlic Herb Seasoning Bulk | Burma Spice
Gourmet Garlic Herb Seasoning Bulk | Burma Spice


Garlic Herb

Garlic herb is one of those flavors that is a people-pleaser. It goes well with just about anything and everybody loves it. Our very delicious garlic herb seasoning is unique and unexpected, a great addition to any type of dish; it is blended by hand in-house and it features amazing flavors like garlic, onion, palm sugar, parsley, salt, and lemon pepper.

Garlic Herb Seasoning: Flavor profile

Our garlic herb blend has very complex and surprising notes; besides the traditional and delicious garlicky flavor mixed with the herbaceous notes in parsley, you can find sweet tones in onion and palm sugar balanced with the power and spiciness of pepper and the burst of tartness in our lemon crystals. This unique blend will leave your diners pleasantly surprised and wanting more!

Cooking with Garlic Herb

When we say that our garlic herb seasoning goes with nearly everything, we seriously mean nearly everything! There are a million ways to use this blend in meat, seafood, vegetables, pasta, rice, bread, dips, sauces, even butter! You can mix it into mashed potatoes, in sour cream for a quick dip, sprinkle it in bread or pizza dough, add it to melted butter or olive oil to sauté shrimp…there are a million ways to use it that will elevate your everyday dishes to gourmet quality.

Here are some few recipes to get you inspired:

  • Garlic herb chicken: this is a top-rated recipe for one single reason, it tastes incredible! The combination of flavors is like a party in your mouth. Try this dish on a slow day to make it an exciting one.
  • Garlic toast and balsamic tomatoes: create a great and simple appetizer for your guests. Mix garlic herb seasoning with melted butter and spread it over bread slices. Place it in the oven while you cook in a skillet, cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar. Once they are done, plate the tomatoes on top of each toast and enjoy!
  • Garlic herb butter let’s say it as it is: butter is magical. It makes everything better and along with garlic and herbs, it becomes unstoppable. All you have to do is soften butter and our garlic herb seasoning together, store it in a container and enjoy it whenever you want.


About our Garlic Herb Seasoning

Our blend features our Egyptian garlic, which has rich and flavorful notes; parsley flakes, also from Egypt, which provides the herbaceous flavor; freshly ground black peppercorns brought directly from India; lemon peel, and lemon crystals; granulated onion, with its slightly sweet flavor; palm sugar, from the sap of the coconut palm tree, and kosher salt.

We grind all the ingredients in small batches in-house. The powdered components are packaged the day they are ground to preserve aroma and flavor and prevent loss of essential oils.

We carefully add a specific ratio of ingredients to make sure you are not receiving an overly salty, sour, or overall unbalanced mixture.

Why Burma Spice?

All the ingredients included in Garlic Herb are gourmet quality and 100% pure. We never add fillings to any of our products and have perfected all our processes – from gathering to packaging – to guarantee that our spices taste exactly the way they are supposed to taste.

We work directly with the best growers all over the world to assure that we are bringing to your table the freshest, most vibrant, and exotic spices. They are purchased directly from harvest and stored in climate-controlled conditions to ensure freshness and preserve their volatile organic oils. The intense flavor, color, and aroma attest to their freshness.

You can choose between five different sizes: The 2.5 oz swing-top bottle makes a beautiful presentation in the kitchen while the 6 oz rice paper bags pack a lot of spice into limited shelf space. The 41 oz and 73 oz jars are perfect for restaurant, food service use and work well in professional kitchens.

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