Garlic Salt

This flavorful spice is created from a mixture of garlic, salt, onion and parsley. The result is a savory spice that goes well with just about everything.

Gourmet Garlic Salt Seasoning | Burma Spice
Gourmet Garlic Salt Seasoning | Burma Spice
Gourmet Garlic Salt Seasoning Bulk | Burma Spice
Gourmet Garlic Salt Seasoning Bulk | Burma Spice
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Garlic Salt: Flavor Profile

Garlic salt is one of the most versatile spices in the kitchen. It provides the perfect blend of garlicy flavor, with plenty of coarse salt goodness. In fact, in many recipes, it can replace plain salt to bring a more complex flavor to the dish.

An ideal all-purpose spice, garlic salt works well in dishes that call for garlic and salt like Italian sauces, Asian soups, pasta and breads. This flavorful spice is created from a mixture of garlic, onion, parsley and coarse salt, and most recipes call for a ratio of about 3 parts garlic to 1 parts salt. The result is a savory spice that goes well with just about everything.

Garlic Salt: Common Uses

Garlic salt is one of the best all-purpose spices. It can replace traditional salt (adding hints of great garlicy flavor). Or it can be used to punch up savory sauces and creamy dips. A few of the most common uses for garlic salt include:

  • Dry Rubs – Garlic salt makes a perfect base for any dry rub (especially those used for beef and pork). Just add some dried herbs, add in some chili powder for heat, and you’re set!
  • Salt Substitute – Garlic salt can replace table salt in nearly any recipe – adding a mellow, garlic flavor to the dish. Sprinkle some over beef, fish or pork before you brown it.
  • Asian Dishes – A perfect complement for Asian flavors, add garlic salt to your stir fries or steamed veggies.
  • Garlic Butter – Using garlic salt to make butter creates a rich, flavorful blend that’s perfect for mashed potatoes or over steak.

History of Garlic Salt

Garlic may have originated in Asia, though there’s quite a debate about the origin of the plant. It’s found in nearly every world cuisine. But evidence suggests its origin is Asia, because it grows in abundance wildly in many Asian countries.

The herb is one of the first known horticultural crops. In fact, it was used in ancient Egypt and India as early as 3500 B.C. The herb was widely used by the Egyptians. They regularly served garlic to laborers, as it was believed to provide strength for long days of work. Yet, even aristocrats ate whole cloves as a savory snack.

Garlic likely spread through the spice routes, and due to its ability to preserve for long periods of time, this is likely how it was brought to Europe and the Middle East. In ancient Greece and Rome, garlic was used for medicinal purposes, and it had numerous uses – from digestion to headaches.

Surprisingly, garlic wasn’t widely used in cooking until the mid-1800s, as the French popularized the use of the herb just as the modern restaurant business flourished. In the U.S., garlic was used primarily in ethnic dishes, until after WWII, when it became widely used throughout the country.

As far as garlic salt, the origin isn’t quite known. Many believe that the Chinese were the first to introduce a powdered garlic and salt mixture, yet, it wasn’t common used and marketed until the 1940s.

Garlic Cultivation

Garlic grows in nearly every country in the world, and as such there are many popular varietals, including hardneck and softneck garlic. Hardneck garlic grows a long flowered stem through the bulb, and the bulbs tend to be smaller in size. Softneck, on the other hand, does not grow a central stem, and the bulbs features as many as 20 cloves.

Egyptian white garlic is one of the world’s most popular varieties. A hardneck garlic, Egyptian white garlic plants produce a bulky white bulb that may subtle purple coloring. Egyptian pink garlic, on the other hand, is redder in color, close to a red onion, and it is also a hardneck varietal.  Today, China produces the most garlic in the world — about 80 percent.

About Our Garlic Salt

Garlic is found in practically every type of cuisine all over the world.

There has been much debate about the source of the best garlic.  Some say Gilroy, others say south Asia or even Egypt.  We have found that consistency is a big component of quality.   Our growers in Egypt have been providing us the best reliable quality of garlic on the market.

We hand mix garlic salt in small batches for freshness. Our recipe includes garlic, salt, onion and parsley.



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