Guajillo Chile Pods

These premium Mexican peppers are harvested by expert growers in Mexico, and then dried and sent directly to us, 100% pure, fresh and full of red chile flavor.

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Guajillo Chile Pods: Flavor Profile

Our gourmet guajillo chile pods are grown and harvested from their ideal climates in Mexico. Mirasol peppers are picked and dried, becoming what we call “guajillo” chiles. We hand select each dried pepper and package them for freshness, before sending them out to you.

The dried chiles you order from us arrive at your door with their full, complex flavor and aroma—fruity, tangy, sweet, and smoky for your most flavorful homemade Mexican meals.

  • Burma Spice gourmet guajillo chile pods start their little pepper lives as mirasol chiles. These premium Mexican peppers are harvested by expert growers in Mexico, and then dried and sent directly to us, 100% pure, fresh and full of red chile flavor.
  • Guajillo is perfect for your authentic homemade Mexican sauces and marinades. Make a delicious mole paste to use as a base for soups, or create a full-bodied sauce for pouring over enchiladas, rice and beans, grilled chicken or roasted vegetables.
  • Our dried chili peppers are ideal for the whole family, with their mild heat and fruity, smoky flavor. Create chili paste and use for authentic Menudo soup, or add the smoky paste to bean dip. Cut up rehydrated bits and make a tasty guajillo omelet. 
  • We package our freshly dried peppers soon after they’ve been harvested and shipped to us. We hand select each chile pod that goes into your batch, so your chiles are fresh and full of the rich flavor you expect for your authentic Mexican cooking.

Cooking with Guajilllo Chile Pods

Guajillo chiles are a popular choice in Latin American cooking because they add so much rich flavor to a wide variety of foods. You can use these dried peppers in glazes and soups, or pour-over sauces that call for a little heat and a lot of tastiness.

To reconstitute, soak the chiles in hot water for 15 minutes (or until soft), or toast the dried chile pods in a hot pan before using them in your favorite recipes.

Try these ideas for using freshly dried guajillo chile pods in your home cooking:

Marinades: blend rehydrated chiles into your marinades for taco meat, broiled or grilled fish, and the tastiest roasted root vegetables in town!

Stews: add rich tang and smoke to your soups and stews. Guajillo chiles are particularly good with beans, lentils, beef, or pork stews. 

Mole: made a delicious sweet red mole sauce to pour over grilled chicken, fish, or rice. Lots of taste testing might be required. Yes, for taste preference, but also because you may have a hard time waiting to experience this flavor!

Salsas: add to your favorite salsa and pour on top of tacos, over enchiladas, or use for dipping corn chips. So many corn chips.

There are an infinite variety of ways to use these flavorful chiles, so we hope you’ll come up with some new recipes for us to share. Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite ways are to use these Mexican favorites.

Put Burma Spice guajillo chile pods in your cart now and add some festive to your kitchen.

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