Herbes De Provence

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Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a blend of herbs native of the southeast region in France. These herbs are a classic in Provençal cuisine, but it wasn’t until 1970 that they were packaged together and commercialized as a blend. Our delicious blend contains Summer Savory, Mexican oregano, Rosemary, Marjoram, Parsley flakes, French Tarragon, Basil, and Fennel Seeds. These flavors and aroma pair flawlessly to bring a little bit of Provençal lands to your dishes.

Herbes de Provence: Flavor Profile

Everything will taste a little bit fancier when using this blend. Even famous cook and French cuisine lover Julia Child was a big fan of this ensemble; in fact, she was one of the first people to coin the term ‘Herbs de Provence’ in her famous recipe Poulet Saute aux Herbes de Provence.

In the mixture, Summer Savory adds the peppery, herbal flavor and sweet pine aroma, while Mexican oregano provides a sweeter, anise-like taste; Rosemary shines with its woodsy flavor and marjoram rounds it all with its delicate herbaceous taste. Parsley, French Tarragon, and Basil add the freshness and Fennel Seeds, the last punch of taste.

Cooking with Herbes de Provence

This mixture is commonly used in grilled foods to infuse that herbal flavor. It is also common in long cooking recipes like stews and sauces, or it can flavor butter and cheeses.

  • Dipping oil: Combine this tasty blend with olive oil to create a heavenly dipping sauce for fresh bread.
  • Slow-cooked breast of lamb: With a couple of hours in the oven, the Herbs de Provence, garlic, white wine, and balsamic vinegar will merge to a make melt-in-the-mouth dish.
  • Grilled chicken with Herbes de Provence: Combine with olive oil and brush over the chicken before grilling to bring out all the French notes.

About Our Herbes de Provence Seasoning

To reach the perfect Herbes de Provence is all about the balance of the blend. Nearly every spice shop has their own blend recipe.

We hand mix our Herbes de Provence spice blend using fresh, top-quality ingredients, and following a traditional recipe.

We carefully add a specific ratio of ingredients to make sure you are not receiving an overly salty or spicy, or overall unbalanced mixture.

Our blends are created fresh, which guarantees a strong flavor and longer shelf life. We ground and package our spices the same day to prevent them from losing their essential oils and ensuring you all the zest and bold flavors these quality ingredients carry.

Why Burma Spice?

If you are looking to buy flavorful and vibrant Herbs de Provence, look no further! All the ingredients included in our blend are gourmet quality and 100% pure. We never add fillings to any of our products and have perfected all our processes – from gathering to packaging – to guarantee that our spices taste exactly the way they are supposed to taste.

We work directly with the best growers all over the world to assure that we are bringing to your table the freshest, most vibrant, and exotic spices. They are purchased directly from harvest and stored in climate-controlled conditions to ensure freshness and preserve their volatile organic oils. The intense flavor, color, and aroma attest to their freshness.

When you cook something exotic, spicy, and delicious, you want it to taste the way it’s supposed to taste. This requires no substitutions and no compromises. That’s why the gourmet quality and flavor of our products remains our central focus.

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