Holy Basil, Dried, Krishna

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Dried Holy Basil, Krishna

Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum), is a plant native from India, commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. In Hinduism, it is considered a blessed plant, for it is a manifestation of the goddess Tulsi/Vrinda on earth. This variety is considered especially sacred to Krishna, as its purple color is similar to Krishna’s dark complexion.

Holy Basil plant is also thought of as a source of many benefits for health and longevity, to reduce stress and promote mental clarity. In Ayurveda, Krishna Tulsi is classified as a Rasayana—an elite class of herbs valued for their ability to restore balance and harmony in your mind.

Tulsi leaves are filled with antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and immune system enhancing properties.

Dried Holy Basil: Flavor Profile

Holy Basil has three different varieties of plants, Rama, Krishna and Vana, all of them have an astringent, pungent, warm and sweet taste, with notes of peppermint, cloves, licorice, or lemon.

This Purple leaf Tulsi varietal (Krishna Tulsi leaf) is known for its slightly spicy, crisp, peppery flavor with cinnamon undertones.

Cooking with Holy Basil

Tea made with Burma Spice Holy Basil

For its sacred status, most Vaishnavites do not encourage the use of holy basil as a culinary ingredient; otherwise, for non-participants and secular purposes, these purple leaves can add a lot of complexity, aroma, and taste to a dish.

Here are a few options to take advantage of all the benefits that Tulsi Holy Basil provide:

  • Holy Basil Tea: this tea will help you to find your inner peace and balance, just add 1 ½ tablespoon of dried holy basil Krishna leave flakes and let it steep in nearly boiled water for 5 to 10 minutes. Add ginger, lemongrass or cardamom for more flavor. Sweeten to taste.

Tulsi can be paired with strong spices like ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon, and calming when paired with cooling herbs like mint or sage.

Other uses for Krishna Holy Basil

In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used as a medicine for coughs and as an antidote to snake bites; it can also be a remedy for colds, bronchitis, and diabetes. It is commercialized in tinctures, capsules and ointments to treat eczema; and, its woody stems are carved into prayer beads.

About our Holy Basil

Burma Spice obtains this perennial plant via the tropical and subtropical regions of southern India.

It’s a land that’s cultivated Krishna Tulsi for so many centuries that we believe it’s the one and only place for us to source it.

Tulsi takes a lot longer to germinate than typical garden basils. The average length of time is 3 weeks. But when it’s done correctly, the results are fantastic.

Why Burma Spice?

Quality and convenience are not mutually exclusive! Don’t settle for lackluster flavors in store-bought brands when gourmet quality is just a click away. Burma Spice is dedicated to bringing you the most amazing spices on the planet; most of our spices are imported from different parts of the world. We pack them carefully and ship them directly to your front door. All our spices are 100% PURE, contain no preservatives, no artificial chemicals, and they are Kosher certified.

When you cook something exotic, spicy and delicious, you want it to taste the way it’s supposed to taste. This requires no substitutions and no compromises. That’s why the gourmet quality and flavor of our products remains our central focus.

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