Kashmiri Chile Powder

Kashmiri chile powder is the prized ingredient that creates the vibrant, wildly red color we associate with popular Indian recipes like Tandoori Chicken, Vindaloo, Tikka Masala, and red curries.



Kashmiri Chile Powder: Flavor Profile

What is it about red color in foods that makes us salivate with anticipation for the rich flavors we believe the foods will impart to our taste buds, and the vitality they’ll bring to our bodies?

Kashmiri chile powder is known for it’s vibrant (almost otherworldly) red color. And it’s not stingy either. This popular Indian chile powder shares its color generously with anything it touches.

Mild in flavor and heat (with just a hint of sweet, fruity undertones), Kashmiri won’t singe your tongue. Honestly—depending on your heat tolerance and the pepper batch it was ground from—this powder might not even bite. This powder is used for its color and for adding a little heat to everyone’s favorite recipes from India.


  • Our gourmet Kashmiri Chile Powder is made using one simple ingredient: Chile. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. 
  • Kashmiri chile powder is the prized ingredient that creates the vibrant, wildly red color we associate with popular Indian recipes like Tandoori Chicken, Vindaloo, Tikka Masala and red curries.
  • Burma Spice Kashmiri chile powder is made from premium peppers, grown and harvested in their ideal climates in India. The freshly dried Kashmiri pepper is ground into a fine, vibrant red powder that has a mild heat, and somewhat sweet, fruity undertones. It’s often used to bring bright red color to dishes, while adding a bit of heat.
  • Our products are all hand-packed in our gourmet spice shop so they arrive at your door fresh and 100% pure. You won’t find preservatives or fillers in our spices. Ever. Test our customer satisfaction guarantee (or your money back), and then be prepared to fall in love.

Cooking with Kashmiri Chile Powder

Of course, Kashmiri chile powder doesn’t have to be kept to Indian recipes. It is a key ingredient in dishes like Tikka Masala, Vindaloo, Rogan Josh and Tandoori Chicken. However, this powder is also great in tomato-based soups, marinades and all manner of sauces.

Any time you’re cooking with foods that absorb color (think fats and oils, or succulent vegetables like mushrooms, celery and onions) Kashmiri will brighten and warm your dish. And then just because we can, we’ll throw a wild idea out there: why not add a bit of Kashmiri chile powder to the pot the next time you’re cooking up a hot batch of macaroni and cheese? Didn’t see that one coming did you?

Want some more tasty ideas? 

Curries and Sauces: if you’re making a red curry, Kashmiri chile powder is a must-have ingredient. This powder also brings a beautiful red color to your dipping, drizzling or pouring sauces, while also adding a touch of heat.

Soups, stews and lentils: Kashmiri chile powder is just the thing for adding a bit of warmth (in heat and color) to your soups and braises.

Marinades: give your favorite meat dishes that mouth-watering vibrant color and warm Kashmiri pepper flavor.

Crunchy snack mixes: sprinkle some Kashmiri chili powder into a bag of your favorite crunchy snack food. Shake the bag and enjoy!

Now that you have some ideas to get you started, what will you make with your fresh Kashmiri Chile Powder? Add some to your cart now and tell us which recipes you like to use it in.

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