Lemon Crystals

Our gourmet lemon crystals are made from three natural ingredients: lemon juice, lemon oil, dried cane syrup. That’s it.

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Lemon Crystals: Flavor Profile

Burma Spice lemon crystals are made from the juice and oil of fresh, premium lemons grown in the United States. Our crystals seal in the vibrant, intense tart citrus flavor that a ripe lemon brings to your kitchen, with a hint of sweet added using all-natural cane sugar. Coastal Italian chefs have long known that lemon is a grand way to mellow the pungent flavors in seafood, and bring bright, tart notes to any meal. 

People do love a good smack on the tongue, which is why lemon is also widely used for its citrusy flavor, acidic nature and astringent, preserving benefits. Burma Spice lemon crystals dance just as gracefully with sweet dishes as they do savory, and they spruce up a beverage like nobody’s business.

Our gourmet dehydrated lemon crystals are made from freshly picked premium lemons grown right here in the United States. We ship the crystals to you while they’re still fresh, sealing in all the mouth puckering goodness you want in a lemon.

Cooking with Lemon Crystals

Lemon is a popular ingredient for everything from adding zesty freshness to drinking water or teas, to making meats tender and juicy, preserving freshness in produce, and bringing out the flavors in soups and stews. Lemon crystals are also perfect for bringing tart to your favorite baked goods. 

Our gourmet lemon crystals are perfect for your Italian, Caribbean and Central American recipes that call for lemon. (Use 6 teaspoons of lemon crystals to equal the juice of approximately 1 lemon.) 

Yet they’re so versatile, you can include them in a variety of sauces, soups, desserts, and in your favorite drinks.

Here are a few more ideas for making magic with Burma Spice lemon crystals:

Marinades and sauces: bring tang with a hint of sweet to your marinades and sauces for beef, pork, chicken and seafood recipes. Use 2 teaspoons of our lemon crystals for every tablespoon of lemon juice called for in the recipe. 

Seafood and poultry: our lemon crystals help mellow strong flavors in seafood, and are a fantastic way to bring zest to your chicken dishes. 

Soups and stews: add lemon as a finishing touch to brighten savory soups and stews. Burma Spice lemon crystals work particularly well with chicken soup, and are a great way to change up the traditional bowl of chicken noodle.

Salads and fruit: lemon is the perfect complement to salads, and can help keep your cut produce fresh longer. For instance, you can sprinkle reconstituted lemon over fruit salad (or a sliced avocado) to keep the produce from turning brown while storing in the refrigerator. 

Smoothies and beverages: add Burma Spice gourmet lemon crystals to your fruit smoothies for added tartness. Blend into water for a delightfully fresh drinking experience, or make (wait for it) lemonade.

Desserts: try using Burma Spice lemon crystals the next time you bake goodies that call for tartness.  We’re thinking about lemon bars, holiday cookies (or “just because” cookies), and baked pies. 

Now that you have some ideas for using our gourmet lemon crystals, we hope you’ll try them in all kinds of things we didn’t think of. Come back and let us know what your lemon crystal recipes are so we can try them too!

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