Lime Crystals

Burma Spice lime crystals are made from fresh, premium limes from select growers in the United States, sealing in a vibrant, mouth-puckering tart citrus flavor that a ripe lime brings to the table.

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Lime Crystals: Flavor Profile

Burma Spice lime crystals are made from fresh, premium limes from select growers in the United States, sealing in a vibrant, mouth-puckering tart citrus flavor that a ripe lime brings to the table. Cultures all around the world enjoy the tart citrus flavor that limes indulge our senses with. The sharp, vibrant tang of our gourmet lime crystals beautifully compliments savory just as well as it does sweet, and goes with just about everything you can put in your mouth. 

Our gourmet dehydrated lime crystals are made from freshly picked premium limes grown right here in the United States. We ship the crystals to you while they’re still fresh, sealing in all the mouth-puckering goodness you buy limes for.

Cooking with Lime Crystals

Lime is such a popular ingredient for everything from adding zesty freshness to alcoholic beverages and making plain drinking water not so plain, to brightening the flavor of soups, meat recipes and desserts. 

These premium Burma Spice crystals are perfect for your Mexican, Indian or Thai recipes that call for lime. (Use 6 teaspoons of dehydrated lime juice crystals to equal the juice of approximately 1 lime.) Yet they’re so versatile, you can include them in a variety of sauces, soups, desserts, and in your favorite drinks. Try sprinkling a pinch over your favorite corn chips or roasted almonds. The possibilities are practically limitless.

Here are some more great ways to use our gourmet lime crystals:

Marinades and sauces: bring tang with a hint of sweet to your marinades and sauces for pork, beef, seafood and poultry. Use 2 teaspoons of our lime crystals for every tablespoon of lime juice called for in the recipe. 

Seafood and poultry: our lime crystals are a fantastic way to bring zest to your seafood and chicken dishes. Add to your marinade or simply sprinkle over the top before baking—and stay tuned for our sweet and spicy tilapia or chicken recipe. We promise it will be swoon-worthy.

Soups, stews and lentils: there is a spiced lentil soup recipe we think you’re going to adore! In the meantime, use your batch of our lime crystals in your favorite stews and soups that beg for a bit of smart citrus flavor.

Salads and veggies: these tart little crystals love a salad like nobody’s business. Know what else they like to snuggle up to? Cooked corn and wilted kale. Our lime crystals bring out the flavors you love in your favorite vegetables, both raw and cooked. Repeat after us, “mmmmmmm…tangy tartness.” Are you salivating yet?

Smoothies and beverages: add Burma Spice gourmet lime crystals to your smoothies for a healthy zing that is so yummy it will become habitual. Include these crystals in your festive beverages for a bit more kick than usual, or blend them into drinking water for added flavor and benefit.

Baked goods: lime powder is a prime ingredient in baked goods, adding a tart flavor that coaxes the richness out of sweet baked goods and onto your tongue. The sharp tangy citrus notes in our lime crystals perfectly balance the sweetness in breads, cheesecake, pies, and muffins. We can’t wait to share our gourmet macadamia coconut lime cookie recipe with you!

We hope we’ve inspired you with ideas for using these delightful lime crystals in every type of food (and beverage) you can imagine, and we love to hear from our customers about your recipe ideas too! 

Once you have your Burma Spice lime crystals in your kitchen, we think your creative juices will begin to flow. Order yours today!

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