Long Pepper

We source our long peppers from the most fertile spice grounds on earth. India has always been the go-to location for expert spice production, and Burma Spice is proud to collect our long peppers from that nation.



At a Glance: Long Pepper

This flowery vine is cultivated for its delicious fruit, which is commonly dried and used as a spice. Within the fruit are several tiny fruits, many of which are no larger than a poppy seed. When these little fruits come together, the taste is robust. Long pepper is quite powerful compared to black pepper, so it’s best when used in small quantities.

Long pepper or Piper longum on wooden table

Cooking with Long Pepper

Because long pepper has such a strong flavor profile, it will become a noticeable addition when applied to most meats and vegetables. That being said, it’s also a hot addition, so don’t overdo it too much right away. It’s better to add a little bit at a time, gradually integrating it into your dish.

There are literally 100’s of options for incorporating long peppers into your meal prep, but we are going to attempt to cover our top favorites. 

Let’s explore a few of our favorite long pepper recipes.

  • Roast Asparagus with Long Pepper Gremolata: If you’re a fan of asparagus, you’ll love the addition of long pepper and gremolata. The latter is usually assembled as a mixture of minced garlic, citrus zest, and a collection of herbs and spices. By adding long pepper to the mix, you are going to add some much needed flavor to your asparagus. Throw it on a skillet for a few minutes and you’ve got a delicacy on your hands.
  • Strawberries with Lime and Long Pepper: Talk about a diverse flavor palate! Take the sweetness of strawberries paired with the bitterness of lime and add a dash of long pepper for some extra spiciness.
  • Himalayan Salt and Long Pepper Ice Cream w/ Rum Sauce: A tasty dessert treat that will make you long for a tropical evening on a Pacific Island resort, the combination of flavors will make your taste buds work overtime. The long pepper and rum sauce do wonders to offset the temperature of the ice cream, resulting in a treat that tastes fairly well-rounded.

Long Pepper, spices and herbs with medicinal properties.

Long Pepper Health Benefits

Long pepper isn’t only celebrated for its great taste, it also has a host of health benefits that have been strengthening individuals across the world for centuries.

From aiding the digestive process to boosting metabolism, long pepper will help you feel more comfortable in minutes. It’s also renowned for its ability to combat asthma, bronchitis and the common cold, and has also been used for treating tuberculosis.

History of Long Pepper

When historians reflect on the cut-throat spice trade of the early 2nd millennium, long pepper is one spice that often comes first to mind. A native of North East India, long pepper made its way all over the planet—going as far east as China and west to Europe. Celebrated for its pungence and ability to “provoke phlegm and wind,” long pepper was quite literally a hot commodity.

It was used by the Romans to flavor their wines, namely the medieval ‘hippocras’ which was sweetened with honey and sugar.

By the early 16th century, South America became heavily utilized for spice growth by the rest of the world. This lead to the popularization of chilies, and the gradual phasing out of long peppers. Thankfully, the 21st century is seeing a renaissance take place for long peppers and Burma Spice couldn’t be happier!

Long pepper hanging from tree

Where Does Burma Spice Source Our Long Pepper

We source our long peppers from the most fertile spice grounds on earth. India has always been the go-to location for expert spice production, and Burma Spice is proud to collect our long peppers from that nation.

India has a long history of participating in the spice trade, going back hundreds of years. Since the collapse of the monolithic Dutch East India Company and the more recent independence of India, the talented spice traders of the region have finally been able to exercise their creativity.

From the spice fields of India to your dinner table, we hope you enjoy your long peppers. Check out the rest of our store for more great options!

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