Lotus Leaf

Although lotus leaves are primarily used as a food wrapper, they can still offer a nice flavor infusion to many dishes.

Lotus Leaf - Burma Spice
Lotus Leaf - Burma Spice
Lotus Leaf - Burma Spice
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More About Lotus Leaves

Nature is a magical thing. It is capable of producing plants that can self-clean, keeping away dirt and bacteria so that the plant can proliferate and reach its full potential for growth. The most obvious example of this feat? Lotus leaves.

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Their superhydrophobicity (try saying that 10 times fast) means that water droplets never soak all the way through the leaves, but instead they simply roll off the top.

Lotus Leaves can be consumed either raw or steamed, but the latter tastes far better. When cooked, they are almost like potatoes, but with a much different texture.

Cooking with Lotus Leaves

Although lotus leaves are primarily used as a food wrapper, they can still offer a nice flavor infusion to many dishes.

Here are some of our favorite lotus leaf treats.

  • Chinese Sticky Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf: Also known as Lo Mai Gai, this dim sum dish features lotus leaves stuffed with sticky rice. Add Chinese sausage, salted egg yolks, and cured pork belly for a real culinary victory.
  • Steamed Chicken in Lotus Leaf: Take 1 lb of bone-in chicken and add mushrooms, fresh ginger, a Chinese sausage, 1 stalk scallion, and of course 1 lotus leaf.
  • Steamed Pork Spare Ribs in Lotus Leaves: This recipe couldn’t be simpler. Just chop up a few pork spare ribs into 3-5 cm pieces and wrap them in your lotus leaves.

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Health Benefits of Lotus Leaves

Lotus leaves contain several crucial health benefits for their consumers. In addition to boasting high quantities of vitamins A and B, they also assist the body as an anti-inflammatory and contribute to our overall heart health. They even promote weight loss by preventing carbs and unhealthy fats from being absorbed. Even going back to ancient Chinese times, lotus leaves were revered for their amazing health benefits.

Adding lotus to your tea might not be a bad idea either. Lotus leaf tea is known to expel mucus, making it a great option for eliminating colds.

History of Lotus Leaf

Lotus leaves have been referenced since the days of Buddha. When he was a small child, there were ponds of different colored lotus flowers outside of his window. The pink, white, and blue flowers symbolized three different kinds of people one could meet.

In ancient times, lotus leaf was commonly used as alternative medicine and was praised by kings, queens, and scholars alike for its great healing capabilities. They have always been most commonly used in Chinese culture, especially in Cantonese cuisine.

The leaf of lotus on the outdoor in the pond.

Where Does Burma Spice Source Our Lotus Leaf

Lotus leaf is the national flower of India, but is also native to southern Asia and parts of Australia.

Burma spice collects their lotus leaf primarily from Thailand and Australia, as the growers in both regions are known to produce an amazing quality product that we are proud to deliver to your doorstep.

For successful growth, lotus are placed in dense soil comprised of about 40% river sand and 60% clay.

If you plan on growing them in your own home, this is a good parts rule to follow.

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