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Burma Spice Gourmet Sweet Spanish Paprika
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Sweet Spanish Paprika at a Glance

Paprika is made by grinding pepper pods to create the bright red spice that is found in so many delicious dishes. This versatile spice comes in many forms, including spicy and sweet paprika. Sweet Spanish paprika is often found in Mediterranean and seafood recipes and comes from mildly-flavored peppers, meaning that it is not as hot or spicy as other forms of paprika. No matter what you’re using sweet Spanish paprika for, it will certainly make your dishes stand out from others.

Cooking With Sweet Spanish Paprika

Sweet Spanish paprika can add much flavor to many dishes, as well as a beautiful, rich, reddish-orange color. Its unique flavor adds a slight fruitiness and sometimes even bitterness that pairs perfectly with many types of dishes, including rice dishes, pork dishes, soups, and stews. It also goes well with various kinds of seafood dishes and vegetables. It can even be added to the sauce for a chocolate soufflé, and it can give a subtle edge to either deviled or baked eggs.

Soups that contain lentils, sausage, beans, or seafood can greatly benefit from sweet Spanish paprika. The spice provides a deeper, sweeter, and more interesting flavor, and accentuates the flavors of the ingredients. But it is very important to keep in mind that using paprika as a garnish will not always provide you with full flavor. Paprika has to be heated in order for its full flavor to be released and appreciated.

Not only is sweet paprika easy to use in many dishes, but it also offers a few health benefits. It is a source of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and some vitamin C. However, sweet paprika does not have capsaicin, which is the chemical agent that gives peppers their spice. Capsaicin has been said to lower blood sugar, so a spicier form of paprika can give you this added benefit. If you’re unsure about using sweet paprika in your meal, remember that it will add a sweet kick of flavor and provide you with some health benefits, too.

Sweet Spanish Paprika: History and Origination

Paprika is made by grinding and drying different varieties of peppers. The peppers that paprika comes from were originally found in the area that now includes Mexico during the New World exploration that was taking place in the early sixteenth century. These peppers were taken back to Spain, and eventually, the delicious spice of paprika was created. There are two different types of paprika — Hungarian paprika, which is made by drying the peppers in the sun, and Spanish paprika, which is made by slowly drying the peppers over a wood fire.

Over the years, many different types of paprika have been produced. Sweet Spanish paprika is one of the milder varieties of paprika that comes from Spain. This means that it is made by grinding peppers after their seeds have been removed. The seeds are the spiciest part of a pepper, so removing them before the peppers are ground eliminates a lot of heat and spice, making the paprika sweeter. Sweet Spanish paprika is often more of a dark orange color rather than a bright red, like other spicier paprika.

Cultivation of Sweet Spanish Paprika

Paprika is produced in many places around the world, such as Serbia, the Netherlands, Spain, some areas of the United States, China, and Hungary.  In fact, the peppers will grow easily just about any place where they have well-drained, fertile soil and lots of sunlight. In some areas, depending on the climate, they are planted and kept indoors for the first part of their development and then later moved to the outdoors. This ensures that the peppers will grow healthy and strong and be able to produce delicious paprika.

Harvest time for the peppers is usually sometime between the summer and fall. The climate dictates when the peppers are ready to be harvested. The more mature the pepper is, the brighter red it will be. When the peppers are bright red and ready to be harvested and dried, they are picked and their drying and grinding process starts. They can either be dried over slowly burning wood in the Spanish style, or they can be left in the sun and dried in the Hungarian style.

About Our Sweet Spanish Paprika

At Burma Spice, peppers are set to dry in a smokehouse immediately after being harvested, ensuring that the paprika you purchase from us is fresh and flavorful. All of the peppers are grown in Spain, which is one of the countries where paprika was first created. This means that the sweet Spanish paprika you purchase from Burma Spice is authentic and true to traditional Spanish paprika. You will taste the difference after you add Burma Spice Sweet Spanish Paprika to your meals!

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