Soy Sauce Granules (Gluten-Free)

Concentrated and packed with intense flavor, you can reconstitute these granules to make fresh, flavor-rich gluten-free soy sauce in moments.

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Soy Sauce Granules: Flavor Profile

If you haven’t tried gluten-free soy sauce yet, now is the perfect opportunity to swoon with surprise and delight. Transport your taste buds directly into savory umami heaven with our gluten-free soy sauce granules—reconstituted for your favorite Asian recipes, or added to seasoning mixes for a boost of rich, salty flavor.

Our soy sauce granules are created from fresh batches of premium gluten-free soy sauce, sealing in the full-bodied tasty flavor that just might make you forget that store-bought bottle in your refrigerator door.

Concentrated and packed with intense flavor, you can reconstitute these granules to make the freshest flavor-rich soy sauce in moments, add to your favorite gluten-free recipes, and nod knowingly as everyone (including the gluten lovers in your life) expresses their own surprise and delight.

Cooking with Soy Sauce Granules

Because these soy sauce granules are certified gluten free, you can paint them into your foods with a broad brush, confident that the tasty pleasure you’re experiencing will keep on giving, because the uses for our gluten free soy sauce granules are practically limitless. 

They’re water-soluble so they easily blend with other ingredients—making our gluten free soy sauce granules the clear choice when you need salty, rich and vibrant flavor with smooth consistency. 

Soy sauce granules are ideal for your Chinese, Japanese and Korean meals, and they make great additions in your soups, stews and broths. Yet there are so many other ways to use this amazingly versatile flavor booster.

We’re just full of ideas, so we thought we’d share a few to get you started:

Marinades: boost the rich meaty flavors in your poultry, meats and seafood by adding gluten free soy sauce granules to your marinade.

Dry Seasoning Mix: adds salty, intense flavor while rounding out the other spices. Our gluten free granules are great for enhancing aromas and bringing out flavors.

Snacks: blend the flavors of the seasoning you use on tasty treats like popcorn, nut mixes, fries and raw vegetables. 

Sauces and Dressings: adds round, smooth complexity and savory yumminess. Soy sauce granules in your dressing mix blend beautifully with spices and add a deep, appetizing color. (Also, it’s a great substitute for Worcestershire. Pretty cool, right?)

Baked Goods: believe it or not, soy sauce is perfect for tempering sweetness, adding complexity, and helps blend flavors in cookies, cakes and breads. (Cool fact: for breads, this wondrous ingredient also moderates yeast activity.)

  • Our certified gluten free soy sauce granules are made with a handful of simple, all-natural ingredients, all Non-GMO Projects verified. Witness the simplicity: soy sauce (soybeans and salt), maltodextrin. The simple nature of these little grains of heaven make them easy to reconstitute for your favorite recipes.
  • Behold the magic of gluten free soy sauce granules for bringing more than your favorite Asian recipes to life. Yes, it’s true that these little babies make the most delicious Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean meals. But you can also liven up your soups, sauces and dressings. Add to dry seasoning mixes and bring flavor paradise to your healthy snacks (hello tasty popcorn).
  • Our gourmet gluten free soy sauce granules are made to seal in the full-bodied umami taste we associate with popular Asian cuisines. Sinfully salty, rich and vibrant in flavor, the uses for adding flavor to your favorite foods (think fajitas, savory salad dressings and rich desserts) are nearly limitless.
  • Our products are all hand packed in our gourmet spice shop so they arrive at your door fresh and 100% pure, filled with the fresh flavors and quality you’ve come to love from Burma Spice. Test our customer satisfaction guarantee (or your money back), and then be prepared to fall in love.
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