Soy Sauce Granules

Reconstitute the granules to make the most flavor-rich soy sauce in moments, add to your favorite recipes and listen to the compliments that inevitably start pouring in.

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Soy Sauce Granules: Flavor Profile

Honestly, soy sauce granules might just be the best invention since ice cream. And apparently, the two go quite well together (as do soy sauce and chocolate truffles) but that’s a different—although highly worthy—subject to explore. 

Our soy sauce granules are going to make your sticky soy sauce bottle sit there in your refrigerator door even longer. Don’t misunderstand. We love soy sauce. It’s just that these little granules were created from fresh batches of soy sauce, sealing in the rich, salty umami flavor we all buy soy sauce for.

This means you can reconstitute the granules to make the most flavor-rich soy sauce in moments, add to your favorite recipes and listen to the compliments that inevitably start pouring in.

Cooking with Soy Sauce Granules

The uses for soy sauce granules are practically limitless. Whether you like intense flavor or just a hint of salty deliciousness, you’re going to do a little happy dance when you first try our Soy Sauce Granules in your favorite recipe. (Make sure you have your phone ready. It’ll make the sweetest impromptu TikTok video.) 

Because soy sauce granules are water-soluble, they easily blend with other ingredients—making it the clear choice when you need smooth consistency. Use for anything that you want to add rich, salty, and vibrant flavor too. 

Soy sauce granules naturally go with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean meals, and are ideal in bases for soups, stews, and marinades. Yet there are so many more ways to use these magical and versatile little flavor boosters.

In case you need a creative springboard, here are just a few more ideas:

Cured Meats: provides the salt and natural preservative needed for curing while balancing the flavors of smoked and sweet, and adding rich, beautiful color.

Dry Seasoning Mix: adds salty, intense flavor while rounding out the other spices. Our granules are great for enhancing aromas and bringing out flavors.

Baked Delectables: believe it or not, soy sauce is perfect for tempering sweetness, adding complexity, and helps blend flavors in cookies, cakes, and breads. (Cool fact: for breads, this wondrous ingredient also moderates yeast activity.)

Sauces and Dressings: adds round, smooth complexity and savory yumminess. Soy sauce granules in your dressing mix blend beautifully with spices and add a deep, appetizing color. (Also, it’s a great substitute for Worcestershire. Pretty cool, right?)

Have we got your creative juices flowing yet? Add our soy sauce granules to your cart and then share with us the creative ways you’ve found to use this wonderful ingredient in your recipes.

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