Taco Seasoning

Choose between five different sizes.

The 1 oz swing-top bottle makes a beautiful presentation in the kitchen while the 3 oz and 5 oz resealable rice paper bags pack a lot of spice into limited shelf space.

The 20 oz and 40 oz jars are perfect for restaurant, food service use and work well in professional kitchens.   Contact us directly for bulk prices.

Gourmet Taco Seasoning | Burma Spice
Gourmet Taco Seasoning
Gourmet Taco Seaoning - Bulk | Burma Spice
Gourmet Taco Seasoning - Bulk | Burma Spice
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Taco Seasoning

Ready for a Mexican fiesta in your mouth?  This spicy seasoning is your trusty companion to cook delicious tacos swiftly and with big and bold flavors. Unlike those lackluster taco seasoning packets, this ready-to-use blend will give you bright colors and strong aromas, with all the fresh flavors of homemade taco seasonings but without the work.

Our taco seasoning is inspired by traditional recipes including all key ingredients like ground cumin, garlic powder, minced onion, mexican oregano, black pepper, and tomato powder. The spicy kick is added by Aji panca powder and smoked sweet paprika. You can always add cayenne if you want more heat.

Taco Seasoning: Flavor Profile

All taco seasoning recipes differ depending on the region and the ingredients available, but 3 flavors always must be present: cumin, oregano, and onion. The earthy and herbal notes of cumin and oregano take the lead and the heat of Aji panca and other spices are sensed in the background notes.

While they are somewhat similar, the main difference between Taco seasoning and Fajita Seasoning is the citrus element; the first one contains a tomato base flavor in the form of tomato powder meanwhile fajita seasoning is known for its zesty lime flavor.

Cooking with Taco Seasoning

Besides the traditional use as a seasoning for ground beef or grilled chicken for tacos, this seasoning is so versatile you can use it in almost every recipe. Here are a few tips to awaken your curiosity:

  • Taco burger: season your ordinary patty with taco seasoning and garnish it with avocado, refried beans and tortilla chips for a super tasty and different take on the traditional burger.
  • Rub it on pork shoulders, ribs, or chicken wings to season meats for a BBQ
  • Mix one teaspoon of taco seasoning with sour cream to create a quick and yummy dip.

About Our Taco Seasoning

Our blend includes our Egyptian garlic, which has rich and flavorful notes; sweet smoked paprika that provides a dash of fruitiness; freshly ground black peppercorns brought directly from India; Mexican oregano, giving hints of herbaceous flavor; cumin;  onion, with its slightly sweet taste; and to finish it all Aji panca powder and tomato powder to give the blend the characteristic kick of Latin dishes.

We carefully add a specific ratio of ingredients to make sure you are not receiving an overly salty or spicy, or overall unbalanced mixture.

Our blends are created fresh, which guarantees a strong flavor and longer shelf life. We ground and package our spices the same day to prevent them from losing their essential oils and ensuring you all the zest and bold flavors these quality ingredients carry.


Why Burma Spice?

Quality and convenience are not mutually exclusive! Don’t settle for lackluster flavors in store-bought brands when gourmet quality is just a click away. Burma Spice is dedicated to bringing you the most amazing spices on the planet; most of our spices are imported from different parts of the world. We pack them carefully and ship them directly to your front door. All our spices are 100% PURE, contain no preservatives, no artificial chemicals, and they are Kosher certified.

You can choose between five different sizes: The 2 oz swing-top bottle makes a beautiful presentation in the kitchen while the 6 oz rice paper bags pack a lot of spice into limited shelf space. The 38 oz and 72 oz jars are perfect for restaurant, food service use and work well in professional kitchens.

Why Burma Spice?

If you are looking to buy a flavorful and vibrant Adobo Seasoning, look no further! All the ingredients included in our blend are gourmet quality and 100% pure. We never add fillings to any of our products and have perfected all our processes – from gathering to packaging – to guarantee that our spices taste exactly the way they are supposed to taste.

We work directly with the best growers all over the world to assure that we are bringing to your table the freshest, most vibrant, and exotic spices. They are purchased directly from harvest and stored in climate-controlled conditions to ensure freshness and preserve their volatile organic oils. The intense flavor, color, and aroma attest to their freshness.

When you cook something exotic, spicy, and delicious, you want it to taste the way it’s supposed to taste. This requires no substitutions and no compromises. That’s why the gourmet quality and flavor of our products remains our central focus.

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