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Elotes – Mexican Style Grilled Corn on the cob

Elotes – Mexican Style Grilled Corn on the cob

Featured Spices
4 Sweet corns on the cob
Cotija Cheese (you can substitute for grated parmesan)
Sweet Spanish Paprika
Cayenne pepper
Ground Chile de Arbol
Ground Sumac
Juice of a lime

This delicious Mexican street food is a must for summer. The word Elote has its roots in the Nahuatl language and is used only when the corn is on the cob. This classic Mexican way of making corn on the cob is creamy, spicy, tangy, cheesy and absolutely delicious. This sweet corn is traditionally steamed or boiled, but we invite you to grill it too, the caramelization of the sweet corn on the grill will make this recipe even better. (Eager to start grilling? check out our Ultimate Guide for Summer Grilling and invite all your friends over to try this recipe!)

Getting Started

White sweet corn is your go-to for this recipe; peel the husk back – you can cut it off or use it as a handle – and rinse off your corns.

  1. Preheat your grill so that one side of it receives all the heat and the other one gets radiant heat.
  2. Place your corns on the warm side of the grill (the one with the radiant heat) and turn them over regularly until cooked.
  3. Once they are cooked, place them on the hot side of the grill to slightly char them, cover them with a little bit of butter to prevent them from burning and sprinkle a pinch of salt on each one. Turm them constantly until they are done.
  4. While the corns are grilling, break up the cotija cheese into fine pieces. Get finer pieces by putting it in the food processor or a blender.
  5. Once the corns are broiled, spread another thin layer of butter and with a brush, apply a layer of mayo on top. You don’t need a thick layer of mayo, just enough so the cheese sticks to the corn.
  6. Coat it with cheese.
  7. Mix the spices and dust them on to the corn.
  8. Finish it up by pouring small dashes of lime juice on top of each corn.


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Elotes - Mexican Style Grilled Corn on the cob
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