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Thai Massaman Chicken Curry (Gaeng Massaman Gai)

Thai Massaman Chicken Curry (Gaeng Massaman Gai)

Featured Spices
1 lb chicken
3 cups coconut milk
2 tablespoon roasted peanuts
5 peeled small onions (whole)
5 small potatoes, peeled and partially boiled
3 bay leaves
5 Thai cardamom seeds
1 small piece of roasted Saigon cinnamon stick
pinch of tamarind powder (optional garnish)
2 tablespoon palm sugar
1 tablespoon tamarind concentrate
3 tablespoon lime juice
2-3 tablespoon massaman curry paste
pinch tamarind powder (optional garnish)

Gaeng massaman gai is a slow cooked Thai chicken recipe that starts with a full-bodied, flavorful Massaman curry paste made with roasted Indian seasonings. We then warm things up a little more with roasted Saigon cinnamon, simmer chicken and potatoes to tender perfection, and then bathe everything in a creamy coconut curry milk. Add the nutty aroma of roasted peanuts and sweet-sour flavor of tamarind and you have a bowl full of well-rounded flavors that will elicit involuntary hums of pure delight, “mmmmmmmmmm.” We think you’ll find this Thai Massaman chicken curry to be delectable and addictive.

Making Thai Massaman chicken curry

Peel the potatoes, boil them partially in a cooking pot for 10-15 mins; cut into 1-2 inch pieces.

Separate coconut cream from milk: let the coconut milk stand in a cool place (or refrigerate it for several hours) until the thicker ‘cream’ begins to separate from the thinner ‘milk’ liquid. You should have roughly 2 cups of cream and 1 cup of milk. Use a large spoon or spatula to scoop the cream off the top and reserve in a separate bowl.

Pour the thinner ‘milk’ into a saucepan and bring it to a simmer. Add the chicken and continue simmering while preparing the curry paste and cream (about 10 – 15 minutes).

In another pan, bring the thicker ‘cream’ to a boil. Stir in the Massaman curry paste and cook over medium-high—stirring continuously—until mixture becomes aromatic (about 5 – 10 minutes). Pour the curried cream into your pan with the simmering chicken.

Stir in the peanuts and then add the following:
palm sugar
tamarind concentrate
lime juice
fish sauce
The curry-in-progress should be just sweet, sour and salty. Adjust either of the four listed ingredients until you’ve achieved your optimal taste. Continue simmering for another 20 minutes.

Then add the following:
bay leaves
cardamom seeds
Saigon cinnamon stick

Simmer for an additional 5-10 mins until all the flavors have mingled and chicken is cooked through.

Serve Massaman curry by itself in a bowl or over rice. Optionally, garnish top with pinch of tamarind powder.

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Thai Massaman Chicken Curry (Gaeng Massaman Gai)
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